The new standard in parking solutions has arrived

Parking in China is a bad experience for any driver due to increasing cost and terrible service. Drivers now avoid locations that are not able to provide value for their parking money. As building owner or operator this has a direct impact on your earnings, whether it is due to decreased retail revenue, lower rental rates, or parking income.

P-SPACE is here to help you deliver the new standard in parking solutions. Through cost effective solutions and our use of top international practices, your customers will get an unrivalled parking experience that will delight them. You will be able to retain current and attract new customers to your location.

More importantly, you will be able to increase your ROI.

Besides the obvious direct impact on revenue and profits, a well-managed parking space has a positive long-term impact on the asset value of your building. Parking is the starting point of almost every visit to your building and if well managed, it will boost the image and brand of your building in the market.

Let us provide the parking management solution that is right for you and see your assets grow.


We have the answers

  • Are the parking needs of your customers increasing ?
  • Do you have problems with cash collection ?
  • Are you running out of parking space ?
  • Do you want to attract & retain more tenants or customers ?
  • Do you need to better market your parking facility ?
  • Do you want to maximize your revenue ?
  • Do you want to develop the value of your parking asset ?

Your benefits

We strongly focus on the financials to increase the value of your assets.

Based on industry best practices, we help you to increase revenues, control operational cost and make well-informed investment decisions to boost the value of your parking asset.

Besides the financial benefits, we will take away the headaches of managing your parking operations. We can handle people management & training, cash / revenue collection, system maintenance, property maintenance, cleaning, according to your wants and needs.

Our goal is to create a sustainable business relation with you through investing in quality people, solutions, systems and innovation.



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